Hang Sheng door industry since its inception in 1998, has been committed to research and development, manufacturing, sales of high-end non-standard door of the large modern enterprise.Hang Sheng development has been adhering to the excellence, harmony, perfect, innovative business sense and let employees happy, so that customers moved to the community responsible business philosophy, in the highly competitive non-standard marketExperienced countless hardships and tempered, with good quality non-standard doors, sincere marketing services, innovative brand strategy and a firm sense of social responsibility in the forefront of the industry team,Pilot became the industry leader.


In 1359, Hangzhou leader Zhang Shicheng for the stability of the city, decided to rebuild the city of Hangzhou ten ancient city gate, the Quartet inquired, that Hangzhou made a considerable reputation of the door - Lee family. Inviting its main building in Hangzhou ten gates. Li District led the family within the division, the use of exquisite pure hand skills, to create a few hundred years standing in the ancient city of Hangzhou, the completion of the occasion, when people are sigh of its momentum "air through Changhong, towering and impossible." After the Friends of the road through here, sighed: Hangzhou fortune, will be so ten and grand. (Hang Sheng brand name on the resulting), since the Lee family reputation, Hangzhou people into the home installed Hangsheng door for the new honor, folk is the spread of "home decoration Hangsheng door, the generation of prosperity" The

In 1998, Lee's descendants founded the "Hang Sheng door industry" officially settled in Hangzhou Yuhang Industrial Zone. Product into the antique Hangzhou sent classical way, hidden deep Hangzhou charm. Hang Sheng door to classical, honorable, atmospheric style, after 18 years of special cast business, the achievements of Hang Sheng today, China's high-end villa door leading brand position.


Contains superb tactics of Hangzhou, the product hidden in the deep cultural heritage, the classic human geography and rich Jiangnan feelings. In the spring of 1998, bathed in leewood spring rain, settled in Hangzhou Industrial Park, will be the art of building a blend of thousands of years of history and culture,After 18 years of development, the achievements of today's domestic imitation copper door, non-standard door leading enterprise status.


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